Stylish Home Decor Tips

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Decorating a home is an ongoing process because your style is going to forever be evolving, which is a good thing. Change adds a refresher to your life. So add a little change to your home every once and a while.
An easy and inexpensive way to add style and revamp the interior of your house is to add accent pillows. A couple of my favorites can be found here and here. If you have neutrals in your home, such as this bed (here) and bench (here), adding accent pillows with color or pattern to your already existing decor can change the look of the room.

One thing all fashionistas need is a great mirror, right? I love mirrors because they are trendy, stylish and very artsy. Mirrors can be used in place of pictures as a focal point on a wall, they can also be used to make small spaces feel bigger. Some awesome mirror pieces are this one, this one and I really like this one.

You can never go wrong with a chandelier. They are by far one of my favorite home decor items. Chandeliers can make an inexpensive space look like it is worth a lot more. Since many chandeliers can be pretty pricey I have link three that are under $1000 but still look expensive (here, here and here).

My last home decor tip is use accent chairs to to furnish a room. Big rooms can feel overwhelming and hard to fill up. Don’t be scared to use multiple chairs to fill in space. Your guest will thank you for the extra seating. Two seating options that I like are here and here.

If you have any home decor tips please share. Shop the rest of my home favorites below.