Friday Five 6/24/16

Happy Friday All! Who is looking forward to the weekend? This girl right here is. I have not done a Friday five in awhile so I thought I should. Below I have reviewed five products that I love and think that you need in you life. Hope you enjoy.

1. Function of Beauty


Personalized hair care is here. A company called Function of Beauty specializes in shampoo and conditioner that is specially made for your texture of hair. I am surprised no one thought of this sooner. Basically you go to their website (found here), and you build your own hair profile. You add your hair type (straight, wavy, curly, etc.), hair structure (fine, medium, coarse), and then the amount of moisture your scalp and hair regularly maintain (dry, normal, oily). The hair profile will also ask you questions about your hair goals. For example, since I have naturally curly and coarse hair, my goals are to hydrate, deep condition, to have more curl definition, and strengthen my hair. There is a list of items to choose from. After you have stated your goals you then create your formula name, and pick the colors and scent of your products. My formula name is Function of Alli. Through their website you can also chat with a hair chemist if you are unsure of hair type and texture.

Function of Beauty came up with a great concept that is guaranteed to work with your specific hair type. All their products are free of parabens, sulfates, GMOs, phthalates, and trialclosan. Their products are affordable and ship free of charge in the USA. I tried my personalized formula and my hair loved it. The shampoo gently cleansed without stripping the extra oils from my hair and the conditioner add the extra moisture I need to combat dryness that leads to breakage.

Scarf  is from Hat Attack. Find it here. Similar scarfs here and here.

Function of Alli c/o Function of Beauty.

2. Pūr~lisse Skincare

I have tried multiple skincare products. Many of them are just ok. They do their job, but aren’t specular. One skincare line that I have been using lately that I really like is Pūr-lisse, which is inspired by Asian wisdom.  Find their website here. Their products are made with Blue Lotus; which is a powerful antioxidant known for its inflammatory benefits; White Tea, Lupine Peptides, Soy Protein,  and Seasilk. Pur~lisse protects against aging skin, so less fine lines and wrinkle. They do not use parabens,  petrochemicals,  synthetic color or chemicals, GMOs, or sulfates and phthalates. So their products are not harsh on you skin and work to create a smooth healthy complexion. Pur~lisse’s products are high quality and have healing properties for skin that needs a little extra tlc.  Don’t just take my word for it try their products out for yourself (here). Some of my favorite Pur~lisse products I have tried are: Blue Lotus Essential Daily Moisturizer , BB Cream, and Lip Nourisher. They also have some great mask the  Blue Lotus- White Tea Mask and Blue Lotus- Seaweed mask (find them here).

Skincare products c/o Pūr~Lisse

3. Headbands for Hope

I always love a good headband. But one with a purpose is even better. Headbands of Hope is a company that brings joy to children with cancer. For every item purchased they give one headband to a child with cancer. Since April 2012 Headbands of Hope has donated headbands to every Children’s Hospital in the United States. They also donate 10% of their sales during their flash weeks to a charity that specializes in research to help end childhood cancer. They are are great company and they make some pretty awesome headbands. Check out their website here
Headband c/o Headbands of Hope

4. Lebice Ice Pops 

Summer, Summer, Summer time! Who doesn’t love a good popsicle on a hot summer day? Even better who wouldn’t love to make their own popsicles? Especially when you can put whatever you want in it. Well you can do that with Lebice Popsicle Molds (found here). These things are great. They come with 6 popsicle containers, 6 reusable sticks, a funnel for filtering your liquid for little or no mess, and brush for easy clean up. It is super easy to use and basically fail proof. Also making your own can be way more healthy and cost effective.
Take your favorite fruit, along with your favorite liquid concoction to make an awesome popsicle. You can puree the fruit if you like a smooth consistency or leave it whole. Add all the contents in the popsicle mold and place it in the freezer. For the best results allow it to freeze over night. When the molds have set long enough to fully freeze you have a popsicle. To enjoy this easy and somewhat healthy treat you have to remove it from the mold by running hot water over the plastic for about 20-30 seconds and it pops right out. The hardest part is to decide what to put in it.
At you next adult party trying making your favorite fruity mixed drink into a popsicle. You guest will love this. 
Find my bracelet here, watch here, and nail color here.
Popsicle molds c/o Lebice
5. Moscow Mule Mug

It is Friday and what is on my mind is a Moscow Mule, but only if it is in a fancy dented copper mug.  This mug (found here) is from Kitchen Lifestyle, and can be used for a number of drinks. Since it is made from 100% copper it keeps your drink cold for a long period of time. It is the perfect portion size for any any drink and easy to hold because it has a large handle. The copper mug is great for summer cocktails on the patio or by the pool, and one of the best parts is that it is super easy to clean. Since I am from Kentucky I am partial to a Kentucky Mule. So switch the vodka to bourbon and you have yourself a Kentucky Mule. Find some of my other favorite mugs here and here.

Mug c/o of Kitchen Lifestyles.