Accessorizing with Barenaked Leather

Shop: Sweater | Jeans | Boots

You haven’t been to Kentucky if you haven’t hung out on a chicken and horse farm, which is exactly what I did when I met with creative Christine Robey of Barenaked Leather, a boho chic leather handbag and accessory company that specializes in rustic unique pieces that speak to your inner hippie soul. Many pieces complete with fringe and equestrian accents, constructed by Christine who  likes to be hands on with the whole project from start to finish. How hands on?? Well, Christine utilizes wild deer and elk skin from local hunters. Using all parts of the animal she taught herself how to tan animal hide, which eventually sparked Barenaked Leather. She takes these pieces and turns them into leather handbags, guitar straps, jewelry, and other beautiful items. She has also expanded into metal work, making copper jewelry and accents for her leather pieces.

You can see Barenaked Leather’s designs on Facebook or Instagram. Also check out the photo shoot below that I styled with many of her beautiful pieces that included a cross body handbag, copper statement necklace, and a copper and leather bracelet. Enjoy!



                                                    Necklace c/o of Barenaked Leather