This is for the College Girls

It is back to school time and who doesn’t need a stylish backpack?  Especially if it compliments a great pair of custom fitted jeans. This backpack is actually called a Jet Pack, which can be found here, it is ideal for the college girl that is carrying her daily essentials around on campus and needs a little extra room to store her books. The bag is heavy duty as well as fashionable. It will compliment any outfit.

The jeans are RoxyNell (follow them on Instagram here for an update on their launch). RoxyNell is based in Louisville, KY and they focuses on Bourbon, Baseball and Denim. Custom fitted are a must if you want the right look for your body type, and RoxyNell has done it right with these trouser jeans. The color is great and they pair well with mostly any top. The things I love about trouser jeans are that they are acceptable for days at school, date night and even running errands.

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans or handbag? Shop my outfit below.



Back to School for the Stylish Undergrad

The first day of college for many university students is starting soon. Whether you are a freshmen or a senior you should always be prepared, especially for the stylish undergrad. I was always told first impressions stick. Considering this you should look your best and be ready for the first day. I have rounded up many of the supplies, clothing options, shoes, and bags you will need to get through not only the first day but the first semester.

The stylish underground first needs a cute planner to keep your assignments and social calendar organized. I would suggest this one here, not only is it girly and colorful, you can choose to write your information on the two page calendar each month or use the weekly pages that allow for more space and detail. The fact that it has stickers does not hurt either. Other supplies need for school are this item here, these, and this. Once you have your supplies you will need a fashionable  backpack to keep it all in. This one is super cute. If your are not into backpacks this tote here will definitely do.

Now on to the clothing. Jeans and a nice tees are a must for college students because they are easy and you can dress them up or down depending on your accessories. One of my favorite pair of jeans are these here. They fit great and are under $100. As you know a good pair of denim can be pricey so finding good ones that last, and will not break you is pretty hard. A v-neck tee is essential to have in your wardrobe because they are easy to throw on and go good with most pants, skirts and shorts options. This tee is great and is a neutral.

The next question is….what are you going to wear on your feet? Tennis shoes or gym shoes are best if you are walking long distances across campus. I like these because you can wear them with any color, but if you are trying to be a little more fancy these decorated high-tops or these flats will definitely add more to an outfit.

For those Fall and colder months try a button down. I like theses two, here and here. Also a denim jacket is great for fall. What are your favorite back to school items? Shop my picks below. Enjoy! Have a great first day if you are a student or educator.