101 in 1001

I first saw 101 things to accomplish in 1001 days from the Design Darling, you can find her page here. I thought that it was awesome and motivating so I thought at the beginning of the year I want to do that too. So basically below I am listing 101 goals I plan to accomplish in 1001 days. I love listing it on my blog because that makes me accountable. I will across off each one and put the date by it when I achieve it. Definitely give me a nudge if I seem to be slacking. I will put a tab at the top so that it is easy to find.

Start Date: January 1, 2016

End Date September 27, 2018

Professional (37)
1. Start earning money from my blog
2. Start a YouTube channel
3. Buy a editing program to edit my blog and Youtube channel
4. Attend NYFW
5. Get a Like to Know it Account
6. Take a photography workshop
7. Turn my blog into a business
8. Be featured on a professional blogging website and magazine
9. Get a big blog campaign
10. Make it to 10 years at my current job
11. Set up a blog posting schedule
12. Get business cards for my blog
13. Buy my domain
14. Do a natural hair tutorial and blog post
15. Do a makeup tutorial and blog post
16. Have a blog post everyday for 1 week
17. Create a Louisville City Guide Post
18. Buy a white screen for photography
19. Create a KY travel guide post
20. Make a blogging resume
21. Host a giveaway
22. Reach 15K Instagram followers
23. Join Souther Blog Society
24. Follow me Makeup & Fashion Bloggers
25. Get organized Professionally
26. Do a blog post on my favorite bloggers
27. Do a blog post on my favorite YouTubers
28. Start a Facebook blog page
29. Attend a blog conference
30. Work more on my Pinterest
31. Do more Snapchat
32. Start a Travel Series
33. Start a Makeup Monday Series
34. Grow my followers on all social media
35. Learn more about Bloglovin
36. Comment on 5 bloggers post everyday for a month
37. Do more product reviews

Personal (34)
38. Read 5 books
39. Take a cooking class
40. Finish my gallery wall
41. Get a dog
42. Volunteer
43. Get a facial (I have never had one)
45. Pay off all debt
46. Organize my closet
47. Start a bible study
48. Save $100 a month for a year.
49. Do the 52 week money challenge
50. Learn more about investing
51. Start a budget
52. Learn how to swim
53. Learn how to sew
54. Take a Spanish class
55. Put $10 in savings for every 101 I accomplish
56. Try 5 new restaurants
57. Go w/o eating out for a week
58. Go w/o spending money for a week
59. Pay for everything w/ cash for  week
60. Try 5 new beers
61. Go 1 month w/o buying new clothes
62. Do an overhaul clean out/ clean up of my house
63. Go 1 week w/o alcohol
64. Donate clothes I don’t wear to charity
65. Sponsor a child from the angel tree
66. Get back into crafting
67. Get back into painting
68. Work on my jewelry making
69. Start my 101 in 1001 day
70. Drive off 1 tank of gas for a whole week.
71. Get a Costo Membership
72. Go 6 month w/o putting heat on my hair

Just for Fun (10)
73. See a NBA game
74. See another NFL game
75. See another MLB game
76. Make my own acai bowl
77. Go hiking
78. Attend another concert
79. Attend another play
80. Go to a winery
81. Attend another Derby
82. Attend another Oaks

Health  (9)
83. Run another 1/2 marathon
84. Do a 1 day juice cleanse
85. Work out twice a week for a month
86. Not eat meat for a week
87. Go a whole week w/o eating candy
88. Eat clean for a week
89. Make sure I drink 64 oz + of water everyday for a month
90. Try a cycle class
91. Try acupuncture

Travel (8)
92. Take another international trip
93. Visit DC
94. Visit NYC again
95. Visit San Fran and Napa
96. Visit Boston again
97. Go back to Main
98. Take a road trip
99. Visit new cities in the US

Friends & Family (2)
100. Spend more time w/ family and friends
101. Surprise a friend, family member, or bf