Sweater Weather

                                      Cardigan | Off the Shoulder | High Low | V-Neck | Crew Neck 
It is that time of year again, sweater season! When the temperatures start to drop, what do you reach for? Confession…first a hoodie! But if you are tying to be stylish than you should opt for the sweater. 

Sweaters are great for those cold months. Appropriate for work, a social outings with friends, and even on Sunday for church depending on the fit. Right before Fall is a great time to add a couple of sweater staples to your wardrobe. One sweater ever girl needs is a cardigan, they are considered the universal sweater. Cardigans pair well with dresses, tanks, and tees. This cardi here and here would be great to add to your closet. A v-neck is another staple one should have in their collection. Try this one out hereOff the Shoulder is big this year. They are a sweater that can add a little style to your existing clothing. What are your favorite sweaters for the fall? Shop mine below.


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