Have you ever wanted to be a social celebrity? If so here is your chance. A new app called Solebrity does just that.

Solebrity means social celebrity, trendsetter, or influencer. This app allows you to shop, share, earn, and donate. Shop your favorite brands with Solebrity, which has a wide variety to choose from such as Dior, Nike, Louis Vuitton, American Eagle, Marc Jacobs, and Michael Kors. While shopping share some of your favorite looks with friends or other influencers, through the app by pushing the starred share icon. Solebrity helps you create unique looks based on you individual style. The more you use the app to shop and share the more it personalizes the items you see, which is super convenient. Not having to scroll through a large number of images to find something that you like is genius.

Another great thing about this app is you can earn money, solebrity badges, and rewards each time your followers buy something you endorse. If that is not enough for you to download the app, then this is, Solebrity is a company that loves to give back. They donate 10% of their earn revenue on every transaction to four different charities each month. The charities for August are Charity: Water, American Red Cross, Boulder Crest Retreat, Every Child Fed. Solebrity is a great app, so download it and follow me Absolutely Alli.


Thank you Solebrity for sponsoring this post.

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