Summer 2016 Trends

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Summer will be here sooner then you think. So if you are looking to add some of the top trending styles to your wardrobe, I have you covered.
There are many trending styles this summer. I have round up a few of my favorites. One trend that we saw a lot of in the fall, that has made its way to summer is the lace up flat (find an afford pair here). This flat can be worn with almost anything, like jeans to dresses, and even shorts. I will definitely be adding a pair to my shoe collection. Another trend I love is the bold stripe. Outfits with bold stripe patterns can hide or camouflage areas that you do not want to show or highlight. I am liking this dress here. Off the shoulder is also big this year. It is a great way to be a little sexy but not show too much. Find one of my favorite off the should tops here. One of the most stylish trends of the seasons is the exaggerated sleeve. It is very flowy, pretty and looks great on almost anyone. This dress (found here) with exaggerated sleeve would be idea for date night or hanging with the girls.

Frayed denim is a casual trend of the summer. Great for the weekend or after work. Find a pair of frayed denim shorts here. Another trend that is making a reappearance are gladiator sandals, so dust off your old ones or if you are looking to add a new pair to your collection try these here. Slipper mules are a trend that many seem to be loving lately. They are easy to wear and usually pretty comfortable. The ones here are pretty pricey but they look great. What trends will you be rocking this summer?


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