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Are you prone to dropping your phone like me? How many iPhone or Android screens have you shattered and had to wait for months to get a new one because your plan wasn’t up? Well I have the solution.
intelliGLASS by intelliArmor.  This product has literally saved my phone. It is a real glass screen protector. We have all tried those protectors that bubble up where you can’t see your screen clearly, or the ones that promise that it is shatter proof but they are really not (I am speaking from experience here). I love the ones that say that the touch screen will still work with the protector and the second you have it put back together you realize it doesn’t. How are you suppose to use your phone?

intelliGlass is the real deal. Believe me I have tested it and not necessarily on purpose. The other day I got out of my car and forgot my phone was in my lap… know the rest of the story. intelliGlass saved my phone from shattering the screen. It is made of real hardened glass that is scratch and smudge resistant. This protector absorbs shock. Meaning it can take a pretty good beating. Those of you with toddlers should invest. Since it is made of real glass you retain the touchscreen capabilities and no bubbles. This thing is literally so thin you don’t even know its on there. Its great for people who don’t like to put on those bulky cases. Oh and one more thing its super easy to install and it’s affordable. Something we all love.

Giveaway: intelliArmor wants to give one of my readers a free intelliGlass protector for their smart phone. Details are on this picture on my Instagram. Good luck!

Find all the intelliGlass products here. They have them for multiple smart phones and tablets.

Try it out and let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy!


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