Dress for Success

The first thing people see when they first meet you is the way you present yourself. Meaning the clothes you wear,  the actions you display and the company you keep. This is why dressing for success should be a high priority. Looking your best allows you to feel more positive and could open doors to greater opportunities. There is no need to spend tons of money if fashion is not your thing. Just make sure you have a few statement pieces that you can interchange with one another. There will be a blog post about statement pieces soon but a few examples to get you started are a LBD (little black dress), a great blazer, and a perfectly fitted pair of skinnies. When dressing for success make sure you know your correct size and the right clothes to fit your body type. Instyle Magazine has some great suggestions on dresses that fit certain body types here. I want to end this post by saying that the way you dress can say a lot about you. People, especially employers, may decide whether or not to hire you or befriend you based on you appearance. Score those couple of points by dressing appropriately. Plus when was the “I do not care” look ever in style?

The past couple days I was at a work conference so I definitely dress for success with my #OOTDs

Blazer: NY & Co
Dress: Old Navy

Pants & Shirt: The Limited

Blazer & Dress: The Limited
Blanket Scarf: Target 
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