Winter Skin Care with Joanna Vargas

Taking care of you skin is extremely important, especially in the winter. This is why I love pampering myself with a facial. While I was in NYC last week I had the privilege to experience a Triple Crown facial from the Joanna Vargas Salon. This 60 minute facial includes microdermabrasion, mircocurrent and oxygen infused therapy to help hydrate, lift and tone loose skin, as well as, combat fine lines and wrinkles. 

My personal skin complaint is dryness, so the Triple Crown facial was just what it desired. It left my skin feeling rejuvenated, youthful and moisturized. I felt refreshed and did not even want to apply makeup after the session because my skin looked so great. I suggest you try it!

If you are in the NYC or LA area definitely visit the Joanna Vargas Salon. They offer multiple treatments, such a the Triple Crown facial, power peel, full body microdermabrasion and many more (which can be found here), just to name a few. The staff in the NYC office were wonderful. If you have any questions about scheduling talk to Kimberly and if you are interested in the Triple Crown facial request Elizabeth. 

Some of my favorite products that I use to keep my skin looking youth after a facial are the hydrating cream and the exfoliating mask. What are some of your ride or die skincare products for the winter time? Shop mine below and check out all her products here.


Before Facial 

After Facial: Skin is smoothed and hydrated 

Triple Crown Facial c/o  Joanna Vargas Salon

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